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Access and Inclusion Statement

Photography … a gratifying and rewarding activity enjoyed by anyone!

Shutterbug Walkabouts is committed to creating memorable and enriching photography experiences for all individuals, regardless of abilities, backgrounds, or preferences.

We aim to provide a welcoming and accommodating environment for travellers of all ages, abilities, and identities. We strive to ensure that activities, photo shoots, destinations, locations, facilities, and services are accessible to individuals with diverse needs, and we aim to exceed the expectations of all our guests.

Our goal is to always be considerate of the diverse needs and preferences of our guests – mobility, dietary, and emotional – and to foster a sense of belonging, ensuring every guest feels valued and appreciated. We embrace diversity and actively seek to promote understanding and respect among all travellers.

If you have specific requirements or requests, please contact us before booking your experience. It’s important to us that we adapt your itinerary, activities and/or photo shoots and make any necessary arrangements to accommodate your needs ahead of your arrival, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Some locations and walking tracks may not be accessible for all mobility levels, so we always endeavour to do our best to support and encourage our guests to immerse in what Tasmania has to offer, to the best of their ability.

Join Shutterbug Walkabouts for an enriching photography and travel experience, knowing your comfort, safety, and enjoyment is our priority.

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